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Naval Kashyap

I have passed Paper 1 (Aircraft Rules & Regulations) of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license examination conducted by Director General of Civil Aviation, India.

I am a B.Tech. graduate engineer with first division in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India.

I have also done MBA with first division in Production and Operations Management from Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana, India.

Total Experience: 5 Years 2 Months. Having engineering experience on following:

Aircraft: ATR 72-600, ATR 42-600, ATR 72-500, ATR 42-500, Diamond DA42 L360, Diamond DA40 CS, Beechcraft Super King Air B200, Cessna A152, Socata Rallye 180-GT, HAL HUL-26 Pushpak MK-1 Aircraft.

Flight Simulator: Cessna 172R Skyhawk, Beechcraft Baron G58, Diamond DA40 CS, ATC- 820 Twin Piston Simulator.

At present I am working as Aircraft Systems Support Engineer in ATR, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Before ATR, I was working as Aircraft Technician in CAE, Birsi Airport, Gondia, Maharashtra, India.

I have also worked as Engineer Instructor/Flight Simulator Engineer in Delhi Flying Club, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi, India.

I have also served Indian Air Force as Electrical Fitter in group 'X' technical trades.

I have undergone and passed Delta T1 & T2 Maintenance Training Course regarding latest ATR 72-600 & ATR 42-600 Aircraft at ATR Training Center, Toulouse, France.

Undergone ATR 600 Series Aircraft Familiarization Course regarding latest ATR 72-600 & ATR 42-600 Aircraft at ATR, Bangalore.

I have passed Maintenance Training Course for Cessna 172R Skyhawk Flight Simulator equipped with Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit in the factory establishment of Mechtronix Systems Inc at Montreal, Canada.

Also got maintenance training from Frasca International Inc, U.S.A. for Beechcraft Baron G58 Flight Simulatorequipped with Garmin G1000 Avionics System.

Successfully completed avionics training on Traffic and Terrain Collision Avoidance System (T2CAS) Line Maintenance from ACSS (An L-3 Communications & Thales Company), USA in March 2013.

I have undergone AME Refresher Course regarding Engine/Electrical/Instrument/Radio System of Diamond DA42 L360 and Diamond DA40 CS aircraft at CAE, Gondia, India.

For more information on my work profile, please follow the web-links provided in my resume.

Naval Kashyap 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Robert Owen Maddern


NAME:                      Robert Owen Maddern

ADDRESS:                41 Grovehill Gardens,
                                    Donaghadee Road,
                                    Co. Down.  BT20 4NS
                                    United Kingdom


TELEPHONE:          U.S.A.  +1-318-664-4770
                                    County Down  +44 2891 470 126

DATE OF BIRTH:  09 December 1950

NATIONALITY:      Australian


1972                                           Graduated following 5 year Apprenticeship training

1980                      Discharged from RAAF following 8 years of continued post graduate                                work and on-the-job training.

Tradesman’s certificate, Ground Engineer- airframe and engine. Certificate was issued by
Government Engineering Committee, equivalent to an Associate’s Degree as an Aircraft Maintenance  Engineer.

Mirage III airframe systems familiarization.                                                                                                           

C-130A airframe systems familiarization (includes all airframe related systems)

C-130E airframe systems conversion course. (includes all airframe related systems)

C-130E pneumatics specialist course

C-130H airframe systems conversion course. (includes all airframe related systems)

C-130 Electrical General conversion course.

      C-130 E Electrical specialist course.



      C-130E fuel and hydraulics specialist course

      C-130A, E and H electro-pneumatic course.       

      FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Licence


My extensive experience is in both light and heavy aircraft from Cessnas to C-130 and Boeing 737. I have been employed to work with all systems in all aspects from troubleshooting, parts replacement and repairs both on-aircraft and in-shop. I fly as Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic and I am experienced at recovering aircraft and returning them to flying status. Responsible in all areas of daily and heavy maintenance, my work has covered all of flight line and ground handling. I have worked heavy maintenance where major component removal and replacement is required including mainplanes, stabilizers, powerplants and landing gear.

Having had 40 years’ experience on C-130 aircraft from A model to H model on all systems and at all levels, I can work as an individual as well as part of a co-ordinated crew under all conditions. I am confined space qualified (Lockheed), EWIS trained (Lear-Siegler) and have held U.S. Department of Defence issued security clearances as required by specific positions of employment.


Cherry Air Incorporated                                                                    October2011 – Present Contracted as Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Crew Chief and Flight Mechanic for company C-130 Hercules Aircraft. I am the primary on-call licensed maintenance technician on the airfield and am responsible for the repair and maintenance to all general aviation and all commercial passenger aircraft that are based at the airport or are in transit.  Provide maintenance support for contract Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas MD-80 operators

National Aircraft (Re-employed)                                                    May 2000 – October 2011
Responsible for removal and inspection of aircraft components necessary to support civilian operators and suppliers of parts to U.S. Government approved operators. All procedures carried out in accordance with relevant technical orders and publications.  Position required supervision of personnel as well as ensuring components were removed using approved manuals and procedures also liaising with customers and potential buyers to ensure components were correctly identified then correctly removed, packaged and shipped. Required to take over foreman’s position when required, which involved job delegation and supervision of personnel.

Employment continued

Malphrus Construction                                                                       July 1998 – May 1999
Employed as a construction equipment mechanic. My responsibilities were implementing service and repairs of equipment to Department of Transport standards for commercially registered vehicles and construction equipment.

Lear-Siegler Georgia ANG, Savannah, GA.                                          July 1997 – July 1998                 
Duties involved mechanical and electrical work as required for the installation and testing of ALE-47, GPS, SCNS and ESU modifications to C-130 aircraft. Job position was as APG. Security clearance was required. (Security clearance was issued by United States Department of Defence). EWIS qualification was required.

Lockheed-Martin                                                                         December 1996 - July 1997 Employed as APG, for the closure of Kelly AFB.  Duties were those necessary to process    C-5 aircraft back into service following inspection and repair. Acted as Crew Supervisor when job required. Security clearance was required.

National Aircraft                                                                            May 1991 - December1996
Responsible for maintenance of all company equipment and vehicles. Supervised personnel as well as removed components from surplus military and commercial aircraft in accordance with approved manuals. Position involved inspection and assessment of partially dismantled aircraft to ensure safe removal and transport.

Fowler Aeronautical Service                                                                May 1989 – May 1991
Employed as Director of C-130 Maintenance providing technical support to various C-130 operators.  Responsible for the inspection, repair and safe movement of several privately purchased C-130 aircraft from both foreign and domestic airfields to the Continental U.S.

International Air Aid                                                                        August 1988 - May 1989
Provided technical support for C-130 operator as Maintenance Supervisor.  Wrote FAA approved Maintenance and Inspection Program.  Supervised scheduled and non-scheduled repairs and maintenance in accordance with approved programs and technical orders.

Australian Department of Administrative Services                      July 1986  - August 1988
Responsible to the Australian Government for preparing stored C-130 aircraft for sale as well as inventory of 10,000 line items of spare parts. Provided assistance and support to prospective buyers on behalf of the Australian Government.

Employment continued

Australian Newsprint Mills                                                              August 1983 - July 1986
Responsible for daily maintenance and repairs to paper production mill.  Scheduled and supervised repairs as needed.

J.I.Case Inc                                                                                         March 1980 - Aug 1983 
Construction Equipment Mechanic.  Responsible for repairs and maintenance as per client’s request.  Performed field service as required.                     

Royal Australian Air Force                                                                    Jan 1967 - Mar 1980    
Aircraft Ground Engineer on Dassault Mirage III and Lockheed C130A, E and H aircraft at all levels of repair and maintenance. Responsible for servicing and maintenance of all transit aircraft, regardless of type.   Discharged from RAAF.


Mr Rusty Jean Jnr
Ph USA: +1-302-653-0668

Mr Russell Welch
Ph USA: +1-479-394-5545


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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ankit Diswal AME


 Mobile: 09685236999,Resi::07342520520


To become a strong asset to the organization and to contribute my share of responsibility with hard work and engineering skills.

Western India Institute of Aeronautics, Ahmedabad
  • 01st August 2006 to 31st July 2009.
  • Certificate of Completion (C of C) of 3 years’ Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.
Cambridge School, Ujjain.
  • Completed May, 2006.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate) (MP Board) with 83% Aggregate Score.
Cambridge School, Ujjain.
  • Completed May, 2004.
  • Secondary School Certificate (MP Board) with 84.2% Aggregate Score.
AME License
BAMEL no. 14602 obtained in Light Aeroplane (L.A.) and Combustion Piston (C.P.) categories on 19th Feb 2010.
DGCA Exams
  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper III in Combustion Piston Category (C.P.)  Jun 2009 (SCORED 87/100).
  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper III in Light Aircraft Category (L.A.)  Jun 2009 (SCORED 86/100).
  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper III in DR Compass Category (X.C.)  Jun 2010 (SCORED46/60).

  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper II  Feb. 2009 (SCORED 86/100).
  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper I - October 2007 (SCORED 72/100).

Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer | Yash Air Pvt. Ltd, Ujjain
  • 16th Feb 2011 to till date.
  • Assistance in Line/Major Maintenance of Cessna 152, Cessna 172N and Partenavia P68C       aircraft other basic entry-level managerial responsibilities.
  • Actively Engaged In updating of relevant Civil Aviation Requirements, Service Manuals,   Technical Literature (S.I., S.B. and MODS etc), History Cards and Paper Work for renewal of    C of A..

Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice | Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics, Ahmedabad
  • 01st October 2010  15th February.
  • Assistance in Line/Major Maintenance of Cessna 152/152A and Cessna 172R/172S aircraft.
  • Familiarize with Technical Literatures and Paper Work for C of A renewal of Aircrafts

Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice | Yash Air Pvt. Ltd, Ujjain
  • 08th February 2009  30th September 2010.
  • Assistance in Line/Major Maintenance of Cessna 152, Cessna 172N and Partenavia P68C aircraft.

Total Aircraft Maintenance Experience
  • 03 Years 08 Months

Total Aeronautical Experience
  • 06 Years 08 Months

General Maintenance
  • Associated systems of the airframe and engine of the Cessna 152/172 and P68C aircraft and understanding of their functioning, i.e. Airframe fuel system, engine fuel system, engine lubrication system, cooling system, hydraulic system, etc.
  • Performance of daily inspections, preflight inspections, different scheduled operations, various kinds of repairs /maintenance /replacements.
Routine Maintenance
  • Battery and Spark plug maintenance.
  • Tire and wheel maintenance.
  • Fuelling/defueling procedures.
  • Air/fluid charging of shock struts, brake master cylinders.
  • Lubrication.

Safety and Special Precautions
  • Safe fuelling/defueling.
  • Fire extinguishers and fire fighting.
  • Movement of aircraft, vehicles and personnel on tarmac/aprons.
  • Marshalling.
  • Correct handling/usage of spark plugs.
  • Appropriate handling of batteries, battery connections, etc.
  • Correct procedure of inflation, deflation and maintenance of tires.
English, Hindi
Interests and Activities
Cricket, Music, Reading books
  • Currently working as a Trainee Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Yash Air Ltd. Ujjain (M.P.) .
  • DGCA (ICAO) Paper III in (L.A.).(C.P.) and (X.C.) categories.
  • Total Aeronautical Experience: 6 Years 08 Months
  • Currently attempting Paper 4 Specific Exam for Cessna 152 (Fitted with LYCO-O-235-L2C/N2C) aircraft in Category A (light maintenance of Airframe) and Category C (light maintenance of Engine)

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